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Band Camp Info


Written by Administrator Tuesday, 23 June 2015 16:00

Band Camps
Please, mark your calendars! 

June 29-July 3, from 5-9 pm- Mini Band Camp II (all members).  Please eat a light meal before camp.

July 4th
-The Regiment will be marching in the Ontario 4th of July Parade.  Call time is at UHS at 7am.

July 20-24th from 5-9pm- (Band) Mini Band Camp III and Uniform Fitting. Please eat a light meal before camp.

August 10-August 22 from 1-10pm-Band Camp (Band and Guard).  If you signed up for Band Camp dinners, THIS is the band camp where your dinner is provided.  To build camaraderie, NO ONE will be allowed off campus to buy food.

August 22 from 1-10pm-(Band and Guard) Band Camp and Family Night and Regiment Dance.  More information will be coming on this event.  Save the date and invite your family to come and watch a performance and eat In N Out!

I hope that you are having a restful summer! 

Amy Flammang
If you have any questions, please email Amy Flammang here.

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2015-2016 Stage Band Announced!


Written by Administrator Saturday, 06 June 2015 08:09

Congratulations to the following members of the Stage Band for 2015-2016:

Alto Sax:
Ryan Forrest
Joel Coddington

Tenor Sax:
Alexis Shaklee
Rebecca Norden-Bright
Jessica Hanney

Bari Sax:
Scott Middleton

James Stanko
Gage Payne
Paul Fuerte
Lorenzo Osuna
Jeremiah Galloway

Eduardo Garcia
Jaden Kim
Kailani Nicart
Caitlyn Anderson
Aaron Potter

Ethan Soto
Caitlin Huang

Sara Aragaki
Danielle Galvez

Nikki Baker
Eric Smith

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2015-2016 Jazz Ensemble Announced!


Written by Administrator Saturday, 06 June 2015 08:09

Congratulations to the following members of the Jazz Ensemble for 2015-2016:

Alto Sax:
Alperan Koliva
Nathan Coddington

Tenor Sax:
Martin Bambase
Caleb Hwang

Bari Sax:
Jacob Lopez

Bradlee Coder
Ryan Furness
Abby Diaz
E.J. Miranda

Jacob Stehle
Xavier Guzman
Wences Anaya

Bass Trombone:
Kaylah Wright-Soler

Meghann Norden-Bright
Allie Price

Ali Ghassabian

Alec Romero

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2015-2016 UHRB Board of Directors


Written by Administrator Thursday, 28 May 2015 00:00

Please welcome our 2015-2016 UHRB Board of Directors! Voting was confirmed and new board members will begin their positions officially on June 1, 2015. The new board members are... 
Board Position Name
President Mark Hanney
Vice President Amy Flammang
Secretary Marisa Hofflander
Treasurer Stacey Fifield
Financial Secretary Joan Fuerte
Regiment Mom Coordinator Kimberly Guicharnaud
Assistant Regiment Mom Coordinator Cindy Lopez
Regiment Dad Coordinator Dave Carichner
Guard Coordinator Dana Shipcott
Percussion Coordinator Melissa Clementi
Second Semester Coordinator Paul Furness
Ways & Means 1 Janette Aragon
Ways & Means 2 Jennie Tellez
Communications/PR Coordinator Joelle Green
Volunteer Coordinator/Freshman Liaison Jamie Benavides

Congratulations to the new UHRB Board and thank you for volunteering!

Amy Gibson
UHRB President

For questions/comments regarding content, please submit your inquiry to our UHRB President.

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