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Dear Parents,
I hope that you all had a relaxing Spring Break!  We are starting to fill our Upland Highland Regiment Band Board positions for next year!  We have most of the positions filled, but are still looking for people that would be interested in fulfilling the role as
Second Semester Coordinator.  This person would coordinate the Jazz and Concert Festivals, the Battle of the Bands, the Jazz trip, the Chamber Winds event, as well as assist where needed second semester.  This person could have a committee of people helping with the orchestration. I know that it is intimidating.  People are uncomfortable with being the leader.  However, we need some chiefs!  If you are organized, positive and have some friends that can help you, please consider taking on this role. 
I am also hoping to have one parent or two from each second semester group to help with these second semster events.  If you are interested in being a Coordinator for any of the following groups, please email me:

Concert Band Coordinator
Symphonic Band Coordinator
Wind Ensemble Coordinator
Winter Drumline Parent Coordinator (Assisting the Lead Percussion Parent)
Stage Band Coordinator
Jazz Band Coordinator
JV Guard Coordinator
Varsity Guard Coordinator

The above coordinators would help with events related to their groups and distribute information to the directors and families in their groups. If everyone could help just a little, it would turn a monumental task into a manageable one.  Please let me know if you are interested. Grab a friend.  It's fun. 

We are also looking for anyone interested in being on the
Food Committee next year.  This committee would help with planning, shopping and asking for donations for Band Camp Dinners (2 weeks), Family Band Night Dinner (usually Carl's Jr.), Junior High Band Night (pizza, fruit and dessert), Fresno Championships food for the weekend (lunch, snacks and dinners), Chamber Winds evening, and any other events where we feed the students. 

Please start thinking about where you would like to donate your time.  We appreciate any time that you can offer. It takes a village.  We have a village. Now let's decide where we want to help.
Thank you so much for your continued support!
Please come to the parent meeting and chat with me this THURSDAY, at 7 pm in the Jazz Room! 
Amy Flammang

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The instrumental music program at Upland High School offers a variety of opportunities for students to participate in music education and performance on an individual, small-group, and large-group basis. Our nationally-recognized young musicians balance a strong sense of family and community with dedication to the goals of the program.

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