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Dear Regiment fans,
Our first competition is THIS SATURDAY, October 15th!  This is the beginning of an amazing season.  Get ready for the ride.  I have a few tips and tricks for you. You should have received the Call Sheet via School Loop today. (The Call Sheet is the sheet with all of the times and pertinent details of our competition.)  Every week, on Tuesday night, or possibly Wednesday, you will see a different Call Sheet.  The Call Sheets will always be posted at www.uhrb.org under the EVENTS tab at the top of the page.   Please review the Call Sheet carefully.  Please note that your student will be gone all day on Saturdays and won't return home until REALLY LATE Saturday night, often after midnight.  It seems like a lot.  It IS a lot.  But, the season is relatively short and it will all make sense when you see your students perform. 

Please have your student eat a healthy meal and drink water before s/he goes to school for the competition.  Also, please have your student bring snacks and water to every competition.  They are gone for hours! 
To see the Ayala Call Sheet, please click here.

Tips for going to the competitions as a spectator:
Google directions to the comps and allow extra time to arrive.
There may be a charge for parking.
Wear your tour shirt (if you have one) or other Regiment wear to show your spirit!
There is an entrance charge.  Schools often use this as a fundraiser for their program. We will try to note it for you.  But, you can always go to the Host school's website and research it, too.
We are a large band.  We perform towards the end of the day.  The performance time will be listed on the Call Sheet.  Plan to arrive early as you will not be allowed to go into the stands during a band's performance. 
Bring a jacket, a stadium seat, and a blankie.  It can get cold! 
Also, remember that this is not a sporting event.  Please know that all of the bands have worked incredibly hard to attend the competition.  Please keep all comments positive.
To see a Field Show 101 Guide, please click here.

Thank you all so much for your support!
This is going to be a great season!
Amy Flammang

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The instrumental music program at Upland High School offers a variety of opportunities for students to participate in music education and performance on an individual, small-group, and large-group basis. Our nationally-recognized young musicians balance a strong sense of family and community with dedication to the goals of the program.

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